The education board has approved an SDC-led proposal for a bachelor minor on Disaster Risk Resilience. This bachelor minor is coordinated by Dr Rob Coates.

Disasters frequently capture the global headlines, while an even greater number have serious impacts at local or regional scales. Media coverage often emphasizes ‘spectacular nature’ – geophysical or hydro-hazards such as storms, hurricanes, tsunamis, and earthquakes, which often lead to floods and landslides. The reality of ‘slow-onset’ disasters, however – like serious droughts – alerts us to the social and environmental conditions that create the basis for a disaster to occur. Might all disasters in fact be related to vulnerability of one form or another, including the decisions human communities make about organizing society, economy, and land use? Climate change, and the unpredictable and extreme weather it brings in terms of rainfall, drought and wildfires, increasingly demands us to think about and deal with these critical questions.

Are you a BSc student in International land and water management (BIL), Environmental Science (BES) or International Development Studies (BIN)? Then this might be a bachelor minor for you? The minor will also be interesting for those in Communication and Life Sciences (BCL), Forest and Nature Conservation (BBN), and other programmes in geography, climate, land use, and policy/politics. MSc students in cognate areas will also benefit. External students both Dutch and international are welcome.

Click here for more information and how to apply.


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