The MSc thesis is an important part of your master programme. Students from the programmes MID, MDR, MOA, MTO can do their thesis directly with SDC if they meet the course requirements (for other studies co-supervision is often possible). The majority of the students that execute their thesis at SDC go abroad.

Course requirements for SDC thesis

Check with your programme to see what the specific course requirements are to do a thesis at SDC, or check the WUR study guide.

Topics for thesis research

Many students come up with their own thesis topics or are inspired by our overview of thesis topics per supervisor, to be found on our Brightspace page. This overview gives information on the field of expertise of all SDC supervisors. Students can use this overview get inspiration on their topic or to see which supervisors fit best their research.

SDC also works with specific thesis vacancies. These vacancies are more specific and provide less freedom for a student to insert own ideas but they do guarantee a relevant and current thesis research. From the new academic year onwards all our vacancies are posted on our Brightspace page.

Thesis process

All the information regarding the thesis process can be found on our SPS Brightspace page: Space, Place and Society: Thesis, Internship & Research Practice

For questions please inform our education coordinators via