SDC teaches in different bachelor and master programmes of the university. Some of these programmes offer SDC thesis possibilities.

Bachelor programmes

Bachelor minor

Master programmes

Master International Development (MID)

The master’s programme International Development Studies (MID) is a two-year MSc programme. It focuses on worldwide social transformation processes related to livelihoods, agro-food networks and the environment in a dynamic international context. In the programme social, economic, political and environmental change are studied from various perspectives.

SDC teaches many courses in the Master International Development (MID) and offers 3 thesis trajectories within the MID

  1. Sociology of Development
  2. Disaster and Conflict
  3. Governance and politics of Development

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Master Development and Rural Innovation (MDR)

The master’s Development and Rural Innovation is a two-year MSc programme. It is the international social sciences programme for students with a technical, life science or relevant management background with an interest in international development and beta/gamma integration. You will become a professional who is able to deal with knowledge processes in dynamic contexts.

SDC offers courses as well as a thesis possibility within this master programme.

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Master International Land and Water Management (MIL)

The two-year International Land and Water Management MSc programme focuses on the scientific analysis of land and water management issues at different scales. An integration of physical, technical, socio-economic and political dimensions in various approaches is sought to critically analyse, understand and tackle land and water management problems. Students will develop comparative insight into the development of land and water management, apply an academic approach to various research paradigms, and acquire a problem-oriented, interdisciplinary attitude towards land and water management and rural development issues.

SDC offers courses but not thesis possibility within this master.

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Master Organic Agriculture (MOA)

The ever increasing demand for organically produced foods requires new and different production systems. In order to create such sustainable organic production systems a fresh scientific approach is needed. The university has created a programme to train academic professionals who want to work in this field.

SDC offers courses as well as a thesis possibility within this master programme.

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Master Tourism, Society and Environment (MTO)

Tourism is an ever-growing and global phenomenon. As one of the world’s largest economic sectors, its societal and environmental challenges cannot be ignored. During the two-year MSc programme Tourism, Society and Environment you critically examine the growing significance and complexity of tourism. As such you will be able to identify the problems behind tourism, but also to contribute to effective and sustainable solutions in tourism.

SDC offers courses as well as a thesis possibility within this master programme.

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SDC thesis possibilities

In order to do a thesis with SDC you must fulfill the criteria of the programme as well as the requirements of SDC. This means that certain courses will give you access to SDC supervision. Students should check with your study advisor if you meet the requirements for an SDC thesis. Additionally, students should also be aware that we strongly encourage a good knowledge of qualitative, ethnograpic methods. The methodological requirements are not always part of the master programmes but it would facilitatie the thesis research a lot.

For more information on the criteria for doing a thesis with SDC, click on the WUR page of SDC and read the information there. Also visit the page on

SDC thesis and internship vacancies

We regularly have thesis and internship vacancies that we share here and on our social media channels. Follow us on our social media accounts to receive a notification when a new vacancy is posted.