Prof. Dr. B.E. (Bram) Buscher

During the period 20 April – 17 June 2017, Bram Büscher is appointed as Van Zyl Slabbert Visiting Chair at Professorial level at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. The visiting professorship holds the Van Zyl Slabbert Chair in Politics and Sociology, which honours Dr. Slabbert’s commitment to an open and democratic society.

In this position Bram Büscher is expected to undertake one or more of the following activities:
• To engage in scholarly research on issues that align Van Zyl Slabbert’s Legacy
• To organise or deliver public lectures or other events
• To encourage synergies between the academic departments of Politics and Sociology
• To teach or assist in the teaching of one or more postgraduate courses in the two departments
About Van Zyl Slabbert Visiting Chair
In 2012, The Open Society Foundation for South Africa provided a five-year grant to fund a series of Van Zyl Slabbert Visiting Professorships in the Departments of Political Studies and Sociology in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Cape Town. The goal of the foundation is to work on the development of vibrant and tolerant democracies.

Frederik Van Zyl Slabbert was a South African politician, scholar and entrepreneur. He helped to develop a distinctively liberal anti-apartheid tradition in South African politics and a critical analysis of South African society. He played a significant role in initiating dialogue between the apartheid regime and the African National Congress and in developing the conditions for the establishment of representative democracy.

About Bram Büscher
Bram Büscher is Professor and Chair of the Sociology of Development and Change group at Wageningen University, The Netherlands and holds visiting positions at the Department of Geography, Environmental Management and Energy Studies of the University of Johannesburg and the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology of Stellenbosch University, in South Africa.

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