SDC is looking for two Masters students who are interested in writing a thesis on the intersection between digitization and development. Supervisor: Stephanie Hobbis.

We are open to explore student ideas on these topics, though the approach should be informed by critical perspectives on both digitization and development. Students should also be interested in refining their skills as qualitative and potentially ethnographic researcher as part of their thesis trajectory.

Possible ideas include:
– Empirical research with a blockchain development initiative, ideally by working with both blockchain developers/organizers and end users
– Empirical research on financial digital inclusion initiatives, again ideally by working both with developers/organizers and end users
– Empirical research on development initiatives focused on biometric technologies, again ideally by working with developers/organizers and end users

– You can be a MSc student from any programme that allows for an SDC thesis, including MID-Politics and Governance.

For more information please contact Stephanie Hobbis (