Contact SDC: Stasja Koot (

Proposal of the Ray of Hope Charity Foundation

The Ray of Hope Charity Foundation (RoHCF) aims to prevent hunger and improve the health situation of the orphaned, vulnerable children in Okahandja, Namibia. Okahandja is situated around 70 km. north of the capital Windhoek:

RoHCF provides shelter and food for around 60 vulnerable children, and pre-primary education.

RoHCF is looking for assistance to raise some funds and help organise these plans, including the finalization of roofs for a large educational centre, some more infrastructure, and for further studies of the children where applicable. Some teaching activities can also be part of the internship.

There is room for an academic assignment as part of the internship (to be set up together with the WUR supervisor).

This internship can be especially interesting for MID students (or MDR) and we can discuss possibilities to connect it with a MSc thesis research. We expect the internship to be very grassroots, without much luxury. Moreover, it will be on the expensive side (you need to buy a ticket to Namibia and pay for your transport, although Okahandja can be reached without a car). We expect a place to stay can be organised in Okahandja, but this can be sort this out. This can be an experience to really get to know ‘development’ on the ground better, and we will discuss the academic component.

Contact Person in Namibia: Elisabeth Kapitango (‘Kapuku’), contact goes via WhatsApp, please check with Stasja Koot if interested (


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