About us

Solon Law is a consulting firm specialising in policy and law, with a focus on sustainability.  Its director and principal consultant has 25 years’ experience as an international consultant.  It is currently advising the ULMWP Provisional Government of West Papua on policies and principles to further the Green State Vision of West Papua.   West Papua is currently occupied by Indonesia, and the Free West Papua campaign aims to realise self-determination and independence for West Papua.  The Provisional Government intends to make an independent West Papua the first Green State in the world and lead by example in addressing the climate emergency.

An opportunity has arisen for an intern to carry out research and developmental work for Solon Law in connection with this Green State Vision.  The bulk of the internship will consist of cutting-edge research and analytical work, although there is also some administrative and general marketing work involved.  There might be an opportunity to present the research findings at a conference or similar forum, and to publish.

Objectives of the Green State Vision

The Green State Vision plans an independent State of West Papua with one clear objective:

To restore, promote and maintain balance and harmony, amongst human and non-human beings, based on reciprocity and respect toward all beings.”

The Vision is supported by 3 pillars:

  • Customary guardianship of natural resources;
  • Environmental and social protection; and
  • Democratic governance and safeguards.

This internship will support Solon Law in providing pro bono advice and services to further the Free West Papua movement and develop this Green State Vision.

The Internship

The intern(s) will be expected to carry out the following tasks, in accordance with instructions from Solon Law:

  • Carry out research into businesses currently operating or investing in West Papua, and businesses downstream of the supply chain – est. time 1 – 2 months;
  • Carry out research and analysis to distil policies and principles that could be adopted as national policies by the Green State on one of the following (to be discussed) – est. time 2 – 3 months:
  • Sustainable business and (inward) investment;
  • Integration of customary and traditional knowledge and management with the modern State;
  • Mining;
  • Energy;
  • Transport and communications;
  • Agriculture; or
  • Another sector.
  • Identify and approach possible donors and partners to help fund the further development of the Green State Vision – est. time 1 month

There is a possibility that the intern(s) may be able to present their findings on (b) at a conference, seminar or to a group of high-level stakeholders.  At the very least, the intern can publish their findings on the Solon Law website and elsewhere, in association with Solon Law.

Profile of the Intern

The intern must be:

  • reliable, self-organised and self-motivated,
  • curious and/or passionate about environmental issues, indigenous rights or human rights,
  • fluent in English, knowledge of other languages would be an asset
  • able to digest and collate large volumes of information efficiently,
  • able to summarise, distil and present information concisely,
  • able to carry out research creatively, but with academic rigour when needed
  • for the more technical topics (e.g. mining/energy), a background in science/engineering would be useful, and
  • familiar with standard applications like Excel and Word.

What we offer

We offer an exciting opportunity to help lay the foundations for what could be the world’s first Green State – an opportunity to tackle the climate crisis by re-thinking the State and its objectives.

The intern will receive supervision by an international consultant with 25 years’ experience, and possibly other associates.  The supervision will be weekly (or more frequent) initially, and then will be adjusted as necessary.

The intern is expected to work remotely, but there will be opportunities to meet Solon Law associates and key stakeholders in person and virtually to discuss the work.

No remuneration will be paid, as Solon Law is carrying out the work pro bono.  If international travel is requested/required, some assistance may be available with cost of travel / accommodation.

Summary & Applications

  • Duration: 4-6 months
  • Start Date: preferably September or October 2022
  • Apply before: preferably 18 June 2022

For more information, please contact Dr. Stasja Koot from Sociology of Development and Change (SDC): stasja.koot@wur.nl. We encourage applicants from any diversity dimension.


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