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Proposal of the Divine Orphanage Organisation

We are a group of eight people who have organised ourselves to prevent hunger and improve the health situation of the orphaned, vulnerable children around Otjikuuo, Okatjoruu Area, Namibia.

According to our belief we have thoughts of preventing skin problems and hunger to our beloved children and we are in need of medicines, food, clothes, shoes, blankets, soap, lotion. We take care of approximately 80-100 kids.

Furthermore, we have a plot where we would love to build a soup kitchen or a hall where we want to feed the kids for which we are in need of materials and where we want to make a garden. For this we would love to have some assistance to raise some funds and help organise these plans.

Contact Person in Namibia: Elisabeth Kapitango (‘Kapuku’)

If interested, please contact Stasja Koot:

This can be especially interesting for MID students and we can discuss possibilities to connect it with a MSc thesis research. The internship is expected to be rough emotionally and physically, because you will be living with marginalized people and there will not be much luxury. Moreover, it will be expensive because you will need to buy your own ticket and pay for your transport. But I think we can organise a place to stay for you in Otjikuuo and this can be an experience to really get to know ‘development’ on the ground better.