Interested in critically analysing how local maize relate to the design and  implementation of ‘from-below’ agro-ecology and public food policy initiatives?

SDC offerst thesis topics in the Mexican state of Tlaxcala with two “from-below” organizations around the following topics:

  • Political processes of local seed protection and conservation
    (particularly native peasant maize)
  • Systematization of small-farmers organizations’ experiences
    to form agro-ecological Participatory Guarantee Systems.
  • Processes of local promoters’ training for replicating agroecological
    practices at community level.
  • Outcome and impact indicators of agro-ecological activities,
    small agro-ecological markets, and responsible food
  • The turn to agro-ecology in some of the new Mexican
    government policies aimed to achieve national food selfsufficiency
    and small-producers’ well-being.

These thesis themes are linked to Marisol Reyna’s (RSO) PhD project, named “Thinking through maize: exploring the effects of the ‘social-interface’ and the ‘partial connections’ created through the implementation of food-security and agro-ecology courses of action on local food imaginings and practices in rural Tlaxcala, Mexico”.


Dr. Gerard Verschoor (SDC) and Marisol Reyna (RSO)

Please send an email to


The elected student for this thesis project contacts Jessica de Koning ( to register her/himself as official SDC thesis student.


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