Prof. Scott Prudham, University of Toronto, will be joining the Sociology of Development and Change group as the first CSPS guest professor. Scott Prudham is a Professor in the Department of Geography and Planning, cross- appointed to the School of the Environment at the University of Toronto. He is a former Editor of the journal Geoforum, and past-President of the University of Toronto Faculty Association. His research is situated at the intersection of environmental politics, environmental change, and political economy. Specific topics include the development of property and regulatory regimes within the commercialization of genetically modified organisms and food in Canada; the uptake of market based instruments in environmental regulation and the institutionalization of so-called “green capitalism”; and the political ecology of industrial and alternative forestry in western North America. He is author of the 2005 Routledge book Knock on Wood: Nature as Commodity in Douglas-fir Country, and co-Editor of the 2007 Routledge collection Neoliberal Environments: False Promises and Unnatural Consequences.

Scott Prudham will arrive in september and stays for 10 months.

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